Each participant is responsible for his/her own transportation.

Please be aware that this is the 1st May-weekend. Based on experience a higher than normal traffic volume is customary, especially on A2 through the Gotthardtunnel, or also by train (reservation suggested!), and needs to be considered when planning the trip.

Private transport

Participants arriving by private cars should use the pay-parking offered through the organisers during the weekend.

Public transport

To reach Ticino you have to use the official trains. Please consult the online timetable, which includes all extra train foreseen for those days.

The event centre can be reached by the public transport system, which is free for people living in official tourist infrastructures (hotels, motels, hostels, official campings) with Ticino Ticket.

The VM 2020 organisation has requested to increase the capacity of certain specific courses to and from the event site.