The month of May 2020 is going to start with ValleMaggia2020. An orienteering weekend in southern Switzerland.

Surrounded by woods, rivers and characteristic villages; in one of the most beautiful valleys in the Canton Ticino region: Vallemaggia.

We are going to combine the 5th national race of the year and the Swiss championships in the medium distance.

Friday 1st May will be a day of leisure or arrival. To you the choice! For the more adventurous, the orienteering Ticino Selection (SELE TI) will organize a relay race, a few kilometres from the race centre.

In the following weeks, registration for the races will be open and more details will be provided.

We look forward to seeing you all!


Friday 1 May

  Accompanying relay race  


Saturday 2 May

  5. national race (Sprint) on the terrains of Maggia, Moghegno and Aurigeno  


Sunday 3 May

  Swiss championships in the medium distance MOM on the terrains of Lodano and Aurigeno