We'll starts again in 2021

Dear athletes,

As you well know, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we had to cancel our races on 2-3 May 2020 in Vallemaggia.

However, we have already started to work for next year, so we propose the races in the same format at the end of April:

⁃ Saturday 24th April 2021 Sprint race in and around Maggia-Moghegno- Aurigeno ⁃ Sunday 25th April 2021 Middle race in Lodano and Aurigeno

Since the races will be the same and are scheduled in the same period, we have decided to keep the registrations made this year also for 2021. If you change category next year, you can send an email to info@go2ol.ch to announce the change. Those who cannot participate can ask for a refund of the entry fee. For organizational reasons the refund must be requested by 31 August 2020 by writing to info@go2ol.ch. In order to cover the costs of bank deposits and other costs incurred by the organisers, 5/3/2 CHF will be deducted from the original amounts for each race. This deduction also covers the cost of paying go2ol. Hoping to see many of you in Vallemaggia, we wish you all a good summer.

The organizing committee VM2020/2021