VM2020 - Welcome in Vallemaggia

VM2020 Welcome in Vallemaggia!

National orienteering races

Two years after the European Orienteering Championships (EOC2018), Ticino is getting ready to welcome another important event dedicated to this sport: a long weekend of national orienteering races will in fact take place from 1st to 3rd May 2020 in the lands of Vallemaggia (VM2020). This is a unique opportunity for all fans of this sport: in Vallemaggia, the competitors will be facing exciting and very dissimilar terrains. From the small and intricate village centres, characterized by narrow streets and sudden changes of direction, to the beech woods supported by unpredictable boulders, dry-stone walls, small valleys and unexpected changes of slope.

VM2020 will start on Friday, May 1 with the relay organized by the Selezione Ticino: this competition is one of the most renowned appointments characterizing the calendar of orienteering competitions in Ticino. For the occasion, this race will be open to teams from all over Switzerland.

On Saturday, May 2nd, a national sprint race will take place in the village centres of Aurigeno, Maggia and Moghegno.

Finally, on Sunday, May 3, the Swiss Championships on Medium Distance (MOM) will take place through the woods above Lodano and Aurigeno.

In the region, there are many tourist activities available to participants who want to stay in the region before, during and after the weekend of races: within a few kilometres, there are many places of great interest. Runners will therefore have to choose among the many sightseeing activities that the region offers: from mountain excursions suitable for all levels and all ages (among others we recommend the Stone Trails) to a variety of museums (such as the Museum of Vallemaggia in Cevio); from practicing sports (such as bungee jumping, rock climbing or indoor, the pump track, mountain biking) to discovering cultural sites of great historical and scenic value (among others we recommend the church of Mogno, the villages of Val Bavona, the village of Bosco Gurin). In addition to the Vallemaggia, participants will also have the possibility to easily reach Locarno, a city rich in culture, and Ascona, a beautiful city also known as "The Pearl of Lake Maggiore”.

Last but not least, Vallemaggia offers many opportunities to taste the local gastronomic specialties: typical dishes (polenta, cheese, meat) and their reinterpretations in a modern key are offered not only by the many historic grottos but also by modern restaurants.

The VM2020 will therefore be a unique opportunity to discover a region that has a lot to offer from all points of view.

In the coming weeks, registration for the competition will be open and more details will be provided.

We look forward to seeing you in Vallemaggia!

More information about the region: https://www.ascona-locarno.com/it/esplora/vallemaggia